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About Us

Forever Young Aesthetics, LLC provides cosmetic aesthetic options to both men and women who seek to keep or renew their youthful look and feel. The cosmetic industry is exploding with top-of-the-line products to help you feel powerful in your own skin. At Forever Young, we want our patients to go out into the world feeling amazing about their own bodies. From laser work to Botox, we stay fully educated and up-to-date on all of the latest technology and products available to keep you feeling fresh, young, and wonderful, while still remaining economical. Cosmetic services are now more attainable than ever!


Meet Dr. Terry

Dr. Scott Terry is an accomplished Medical Director and Doctor here at Forever Young. He serves as not only the business owner and director but also the medical aesthetician who provides the services he is proud to offer. As a medical director and doctor in his own right, it is Dr. Scott Terry’s highest goal to help each of his clients find his or her way to self-love and self-satisfaction through his special talent, cosmetic work. Your overall health is his life’s purpose and medical aesthetics is an important piece of that. For this reason, Dr. Terry runs his business and serves at the pleasure of the men and women who are looking for a new approach to self-improvement, especially when they feel they have already tried everything else.

Meet Shelley

Shelley Worthington, an Esthetician at Forever Young, moved to Dakota Dunes after  many years of beauty industry experience in Miami and West Des Moines. She is very passionate about continuing her education with latest trends and breakthroughs in skin care. She believes it is vital to educate her guests about products to achieve and maintain their skin at home between facial services.


Shelley specializes in HydraFacial and Fibroblast Plasma. She enjoys making guests feel incredibly comfortable and at ease during these services. With over a decade of experience, she understands the importance of being very thorough in her work. Shelley also loves giving deeply relaxing and nurturing facials customized to your skin type. Because she has been touching and analyzing lots of different faces through the years, she is excellent at assessing skin and its needs.

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