Laser Hair Reduction

Body hair is a natural occurrence for all of us. But not all of us want all the body hair we get, or in some of the places we get it. Whether for aesthetic or hygienic reasons, people all over the world are plucking and tweezing, waxing and ripping their hair out at the roots.

These procedures can be time consuming, painful, and, in the end, ineffective. Laser hair reduction is the single most efficient, effective, not to mention quick, long term solution to unwanted body hair, and we use state of the art equipment to ensure your skin is taken care of in the process.

The Nd: YAG laser penetrates deep beneath the surface of the skin to get to the root of hair follicles while also preserving the surrounding skin tissue, so you won’t worry about the skin damage so prevalent in other light based treatments.

These treatments are done in cycles to root out each hair cycle as it grows in, and each treatment is done in a short visit to the office that leaves you with relatively little pain and able to get right back to your life. Do remember that because all bodies are different – hair quality, follicles, metabolism, and hormones – each individual outcome will be unique. The overall success rate is high, though. And the doctor will help you set realistic expectations as you work through the process together toward your goal.

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